"Thank you so very much for the care you gave our animals while we were on vacation! Especially for our 'geriatric' ones. We really appreciate it! =)"
--- Tammy

"And thank you so much...your the best".
--- Linda



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Hi, my name is Chris Coonan, owner of Treasured Critters. Welcome!
Serving the community doing what I love and enjoy, is the foundation of Treasured Critters. If you are considering boarding your dogs, cats, or any other pet, talk to a professional pet sitter. People want their pets to be able to eat, play, and sleep in a familiar environment and free of the potential hazards of kenneling. Additionally, for those who are away from their home for long hours, pets who receive a mid-day visit for companionship or exercise with a pet sitter are happier pets for you when you arrive home.

When you hand someone the keys to your home, you should be comfortable and have a sense of security. You should be confident that both your pet is well taken care of and your home is safe. I have absolute commitment to customer confidentiality and respect the privacy of each of my clients while taking care of their pets and home. I appreciate my clients trust and do not take it for granted. I treat each client with the utmost respect and love their pets as if they were my own.

For your peace of mind, each of our Pet Sitters undergoes a rigorous nationwide, county-level professional background check to ensure they have no prior felonies.

Benefits of Pet Sitting

  • Your pets remain in the comfort of their own home
  • Your pets receive lots of love and attention while you're gone
  • Your pets' diet and exercise routines remain the same
  • Your pets are not subjected to possible illness and stress from being cared for outside the home
  • You can rest assured knowing that your pet is happy and in good hands

Special needs pets are welcomed.
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